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Japanese Woodcut NUDE by Nakao Yoshitaka

Nude. 1960. A six-color woodblock print in dark blue, grey, red-brown, light-brown, black and white, 34 inches x 22 inches, on a sheet of handmade Japanese paper made especially for this artist to hold his unusually thick colors 36 ½ inches x 24½ inches, framed under glass 40½ in x 29¾ in since 1960. Signed and limited in Japanese by the artist and dated 1960 in pencil. Edition number 210 of which this is print 137. Yoshitaka Nakao (1910 – 1994) was a mostly self-taught artist, who worked in oils and prinks. He exhibited regularly with the Kokugakai Association and the Japan Print Association. Twice he received the award for the best print in the Kokugakai-kai. The form expressed in Nude is based on simplified form and pictorial construction, as well as on very complex thickly applied colors. The resulting strong image is sculptural in effect. IGAS Series 44, May, 1961. Yoshitaka’s works are in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Bibliography: Kawakita, Michiaki: Contemporary Japanese Prints. Tokyo: Kodansha, 1967; Merritt & Yamada, “Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints”; Michener’s Japanese Prints from the Early Masters to the Modern.

Nakao Yoshitaka, NUDE 1960.
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