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Gosen Rare Books Exhibiting at the ABAA Virtual Book Fair June 4 – 7, 2020

The link for the ABAA Virtual Book Fair is 

G. Gosen Rare Books & Old Paper will be exhibiting a variety of rare books, manuscripts and ephemera not advertised elsewhere on the internet. The material we will be exhibiting will be exclusive to the ABAA Virtual Book Fair.

Please join us and our colleagues at this event. During the Virtual Book Fair, we will be available to answer any questions you might have about any of the material we will be offering.

How to Shop a Virtual Book Fair

How does one shop a Virtual Book Fair?
Our Virtual Book Fair attempts to combine the convenience of online commerce with the community of in-person book fairs. Just like at a physical book fair, you will be able to:
• browse the inventory of many exhibitors, but now with the advantage of only having to check out once no matter how many exhibitors you purchase from!
• be among the first to have the opportunity to buy newly acquired or cataloged items from the most-reputable dealers in the business.
• shop the fair for a set time only. The fair lasts for 4 days. So arrive early, make a plan to visit the exhibitors you know, and find the material you want!
Browsing Options
By exhibitor — Browse your favorite booksellers first (organized alphabetically)
By aisle — It’s a big fair, and you’ll want to see every exhibitor. In this case our aisles correspond to geographic region.
By product type — Are you particularly interested in maps or photos? In search of autographs or ephemera? Hunting certain modern first editions?

— This is another way to zero in on the items of most interest to you.
By budget — Shop items under $500 and don’t get distracted by the big-ticket items (as amazing as those may be).

By specific item — A keyword search will quickly show you the item(s) you want without having to spend hours walking the show floor!


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