Shipping Manifest 1863 and Receipt 1861 for Great Western Despatch Fast Freight Line United States Express Company


Two documents, a shipping manifest dated February 26, 1863 and a receipt dated March 3, 1861 from the Great Western Despatch Fast Freight Line.


Bailey, E.C. GREAT WESTERN DESPATCH FAST FREIGHT LINE. UNITED STATES EXPRESS COMPANY, PROPRIETORS. Shipping manifest form for the Great Western Despatch Fast Freight Line, with offices in New York, Boston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Cleveland, listed on the left-hand side on the front of the form. This form was signed by A. L. Knight, agent, in Boston, for one case of shoes sent February 26, 1863 by E. C. Bailey, to J. C. Rollo, Springfield. On the back of the form are listed the four classes of shipments, according to type of material sent, along with the conditions and rules for shipment. Folds noted, fine condition. Sold with a receipt for four cases of shoes shipped by sea from Boston to Norfolk Virginia on March 2, 1861, by E.C. Bailey as sender and signed by “Sampson.” The receipt bears the red circular stamp of the Steamship S.R. Spaulding “for Norfolk and Baltimore Mar[ch] 3 1861, Freight 30 C[en]ts per case and warehouse.” The receipt has  a woodcut image of the Boston wharf, signed by T. Groom & Co., Stationers, India Building, 82 State Street. The upper left-hand corner of the form and image are missing, a slight loss of sky and the top floor of a wharf-side building. There is an ink annotation on the back. This receipt was folded. Both documents are sold together. Interesting transactions, one, in 1861, just before as the Civil War began and the other while it was raging in 1863.


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