Max Liebermann Lithographic Portrait of Poet Arno Holtz Signed 1922


Max Liebermann, Lithographic Portrait of Arno Holtz, Signed, 1922. Schliefer, 350.


Liebermann, Max. Arno Holtz. Schliefer 350, 1922. Lithograph, portrait of Arno Holtz, a bust portrait, showing Holtz with light hair. Untrimmed sheet, 41.5 cm x 32 cm. Arno Holtz was both a friend of Liebermann and a poet he greatly admired. Liebermann wrote a short essay on Arno Holtz, Arno Holtz und sein Werk, (Berlin: Cassirer, 1923). Fine.

In March 1933, Max Liebermann was one of the first artists to feel Hitler’s anger and was expelled from the Prussian Academy of Arts. In August 1914, Liebermann had been one of ninety-three well-known intellectuals who signed a manifesto in support of the German invasion of Belgium. When Liebermann was notified of his expulsion from the Prussian Academy, he said: “I couldn’t possibly eat as much as I would like to puke.” Shortly before his death in 1935, Liebermann stated, “There is no other salvation than emigration to Palestine, where they [German-Jewish artists] can grow up as free people and escape the dangers of remaining refugees.”