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Italian Fascist Occupation of Ethiopia | 7 Large Propaganda Photos


Seven large-format (12 ½ in. x 17 in.) photographs taken as Italian Fascist propaganda in Ethiopia during the Fascist Occupation.


Ethiopian, Italian, twentieth century. 7 large-format (12 ½ in. x 17 in.) black and white photographs taken as Italian Fascist propaganda, visibly retouched, with Italian titles on the back, showing the ‘civilizing’ influence of the occupying Italians on the native Ethiopians. Condition fine. Handwritten titles in pencil on the back are:

  1. “Addis Ababa: il Marchiallo Badoglio passa in rivista le truppe”

(Addis Ababa: Marshall Badoglio Reviews the Troops)

  1. “Istruzione ai bimbi delle scuol[e] del Tigrai”

(Teaching the Children from the School at Tigrai)

  1. “Assistenza sanitaria alla popolazioni del Tigrai”

(Healthcare for the People of Tigrai)

  1. “Assistenza sanitaria agli indigeni”

(Healthcare for the Indigenous People)

  1. “Istruzione ai bimbi indigeni”

(Teaching the Indigenous Children)

  1. “Addis Ababa: la refezione ai piccolo indigeni”

(Addis Ababa: the School Lunch of the Indigenous Children)

  1. “Distribuizione di indumenti ai bimbi del Tigrai”

(Distribution of Clothing [School Uniforms] to the Children of Tigrai)

Sold only as a set of seven. IFPE7