18th Century Comedy Oliver Goldsmith David Garrick Abraham Portal Isaac Bickerstaff aka Jonathan Swift


[18th Century Comedy] Four Plays Bound Together in One Volume: Oliver Goldsmith, Abraham Portal, David Garrick, Jonathan Swift (Isaac Bickerstaff)  

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[18th Century Comedy] Four Plays Bound Together in One Volume:

Goldsmith, Oliver, The / Good Natur’d Man: / A / Comedy./ As Performed at the / THEATRE -ROYAL / IN / COVENT-GARDEN. / BY MR. GOLDSMITH. /LONDON: / Printed for W. Griffin, in Catharine Street, Strand. / M DCC LXVIII. / 8vo; Pagination: half-title THE / Good Natur’d Man. / (Price 1s. 6d.); p. [ii] blank; p.[iii] title; p. [iv] blank; pp. [v and vi] preface; p. [vii] “Prologue. Written by Dr. Johnson: Spoken by Mr. Bensley.”; p. [viii] “Dramatis Personae”; pp. [1] and 2 – 74, text, with ornament above on p.1; p. [75] lacks the epilogue at the end, as it is keyed with catchword Epi- for p. [75] p. [76 verso blank also missing].


  1. 23, line 4 has variant 2 “is eternally;”
  2. 26, line 3 has variant 2 “will. As”
  3. 33, line 15 has variant 2 “let Mr. Flanigan”
  4. 43, line 37 has variant 2 “shorter, and less”
  5. 44, line 3 has variant 3 “and will endeavour”
  6. 51, line 4, has variant 1 “by the way”
  7. 54 and 56, has variant 1, commas after “Man” in headings
  8. 70 has a comma after “Man” in the heading
  9. 74 has variant 3, catchword Epi-
  10. 74 is torn with the loss only of one letter, t, in the word the.   Iolo Williams, Seven XVIIIth Century Bibliographies: “This is a book that varies considerably from copy to copy, and all the variations are due, probably, to alterations having been made while the play was going through the press, and to the half-sheets in their different states having been bound together, haphazard, in every sort of combination.”

Garrick, David. A Peep Behind the Curtain; or, the New Rehearsal. As it is Now Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. London: Printed for T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, near Surrey-Street, in the Strand. MDCCLXVII. [iv, 46 pages], In-8.

There is a blank inserted before  Abraham Portal’s The Indiscreet Lover : a Comedy. As it was performed at the King’s Theatre in the Haymarket, For the Benefit of the British Lying-In Hospital in Brownlow-Street. The Second Edition. London: Printed for G. Kearsly, at No. 1, in Ludgate-Street. M.DCC.LXVIII. [Pr.1s. 6d.  [v; iii; 94 pages; ii], In-8.

The fourth and final play is identified as by Isaac Bickerstaff, a pseudonym for Jonathan Swift, The Absent Man: a Farce. As it is acted by His Majesty’s Servants, at the Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane. London: Printed for William Griffin, in Catharine-Street, in the Strand. M.DCC.LXVIII.  [P. 1s]. [viii ; 36 pages ; In-8]. Not found in Teerink.

Bound in mottled calf, re-backed. Noting the missing epilogue of The Good Natur’d Man, this is a copy in good condition of these four individually paginated plays. Old ownership signature of “C. Mackay /[17]68” . The names of the plays have been recorded in ink on the front fly-leaf.


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Oliver Goldsmith, David Garrick, Isaac Bickerstaff also known as Jonathan Swift, Abraham Portal


Four Eighteenth Century English Comedies