Mormon Cross-Stitch Sampler by an English Girl and Mormon Immigrant Ann Lofthouse 1819


A Cross-Stitch Sampler, 1819. 27 cm X 19 cm, thread on linen, Abecedarium numbered with a stitched inspirational poem by Ann Lofthouse, 1819, done in childhood before being baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1828 by Herbert C. Kimball and emigrating to America, settling in Utah in 1853.


Lofthouse, Ann. A Cross-Stitch Sampler, 1819. 27 cm X 19 cm, thread on linen, by a fourteen-year-old girl, with a poem: “Has thou got riches? Then take care, / On what you spend them, how, and where / If thou art poor be still content, / Riches to men are only lent. /Desire not riches they bewitch, / Contentment makes the poor man rich. / Of unrepented crimes beware, / A guilty conscience who can bear? Ann Lofthouse, 1819.” With four bands above the poem, letters, numbers and demonstrated stitching patterns provide a frame for the text. Condition fine. Ann Lofthouse is believed to have been born in England December 24 or 25, 1805 and died in Utah almost 95 years later, having been baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints March 24, 1828 by Hebert C. Kimball in England. She and her second husband (Richard Cranshaw) are believed to have come to America on the Elvira Owen in 1853, disembarking at New Orleans, travelling up the Mississippi to Council Bluffs, then travelling on to Utah in a wagon train, arriving in Salt Lake City October 6, 1853. Condition fine.


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