Herbal Medicine Sixteenth Century Adam Lonicer’s KREUTERBUCH Hand-Colored 1564


Hand-colored copy of Adam Lonicer’s Kreuterbuch, the third edition, second German edition, 1564


[Sixteenth Century Books] Adam Lonicer, Kreuterbuch Künstliche Conterfeztunge der Baeume, Stauden, Hecken, Kreuter, Getrende, Gewürtze: Mit eygentlicher Besschreibung derselbigen Namen, Underschend, Gestalt, Naturilische Krafft und Wirckung. Jtem von fürnembsten Gethiern der Erden, Voegeln, und fischen. Mit Roem Renferlicher Maiestat Knaden und Privilegio auff acht Jar 1564. Getruckt zu Franckfort am Meyn, Bei Christian Egenolffe Erben in Jar MDLXIIII [1564].

Title-page with an illustrative narrative image, showing the physicians in consultation, an apothecary collecting herbs, and a patient in bed.


Adam Lonicer (1528 – 1586) completed his title as follows: Auch von Metallen, Gummi, und gestandenen Saefften. Sampt Distillierens Künstlischem und turzen bericht. Mit fleissigen volkommenen Registern in Sechserley Spraachen, Nemlich, Greichish, Lateinish, Italianish, Franzoeisch, Spanisch, teutsch. Auch besonderm Register der heylung allerhand gepzesten. Jessoganz von newem durchsehen, gebessert, und mit mehren Breutem und figuren erstreckt.  

A translation of the title: A Herbal, Artistic Pictures of Trees, Shrubs, Hedges, Herbs, Grains, Spices with Appropriate Description of the Names of the Same in Six Languages, Namely Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian & the Form of the Natural Force & Operations of the Same Together, With a Helpful and Good Account of the Art of Distilling. Also of the Leading Animals, Birds, and Fishes of the Earth – also of Metals, and Precious Stones, Gems, Juices or Liquors …

Two images on adjacent pages, showing a horticulturist bent over a planter, and opposite, a man swinging an axe.


Second German edition, the third edition after the first Latin 1551 and the first German 1557. This is a hand-colored copy. The title page has been repaired. The following folia are missing: I – XIII; XIV, XV and XVI; XIX, XXIV; XXXII, XXXV; XXXVI; XXXVIII; XLIII; XLIV; XLVII; XLVIII; XLIX; LVII; LVIII; LXXII; LXXIX, a total of 31. By comparison to the 1598 edition with 382 folia, this copy has 322. The 1557 edition, probably the German first edition, has 342 folia. This copy lacks the sections on distilling and mining.

The interior of a sixteenth century jewelry shop, with styles of rings bordering the image.


This book was trimmed and rebound, probably in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, in vellum, now scratched, but still a tight functioning binding. The top of the spine is cracked but not chipped (about 4 cm from the top). The book measures 28 cm x 17.5 cm x 5.5 cm. This copy bears all the signs of a much-used copy, including marginalia and a doodle of a boring professor (?) on F 265. Each folio is illustrated. The woodcuts are probably by Hans Weiditz. Even with the above exceptions noted, this is still a good working, hand-colored copy, printed on heavy laid paper.

A man clearing rocks from his field using a horse-drawn apparatus, with a second, unused apparatus in the foreground for closer inspection.
A barnyard scene with farm animals and the farmer looking on.
Two pages showing the herbs with their names in several languages.
Soap and a scene with people in a bathhouse.
A small illustration easily recognized as an elephant.

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